Tattoo Removal

Q switched NdYag laser works well for dark tattoo removal. This type of laser uses ultrashort pulses to target dark pigment, causing the colour pigments to vibrate, heat up and break into small particles. These particles are then naturally dissolved by your body’s immune system, leaving the surrounding skin intact.

It takes time to remove a tattoo- do not expect immediate results! Amateur tattoos will fade more quickly and may be erased in a few sessions. 

It is possible that after sessions with the Q switch, you will require a different laser to completely remove your tattoo. We will late you know if this is the case. It is always beneficial to start with a Q switch though as it is less expensive.

Special Considerations

  • Avoid tanning products and sun exposure for 2 weeks before & after your treatment

  • Not suitable if pregnant or breastfeeding or for very dark skin

  • Suitable for dark tattoo colours only

  • Tattoo removal requires local anaesthetic, which we compound ourselves to ensure the best result. In addition, Dr Grant can inject local anaesthetic into the area prior to you treatment.


Procedure Time
Procedure is brief - a few minutes for a small tattoo. Allow 1 hour for topical anaesthetic, you can apply this yourself for repeat treatments. 

Recommended Plan
Sessions every 4 – 10 weeks depending on the site.

At least 2 weeks prior to a special event.

Downtime / Aftercare
Post treatment your tattoo area will need to be managed carefully to avoid infection. We will give you information on this.


Price varies with size:

  • 1/2 business card size: $50·

  • business card size: $80

  • ¼ A4 $130

  • 1/2 A$ $240

  • Local anaesthetic injection (done by doctor) $15


Discount of 20% for 6 prepaid sessions.