Current Packages

Rosacea Package * NEW * $700 (save $99)

Rosacea is a common inflammatory skin condition that causes the skin to appear red or flushed. The most important aspect is home care and clinical treatments to moisturise the skin and restore the skin barrier. So we have created an anti-redness package to combat Rosacea from the comfort of your own home. This kit includes the Plabeau G4+ from Synergie Skin, a handheld cooling plasma device that works to combat inflammation and redness that causes Rosacea to flare up.

Save $99 with this signature package exclusive to Thrive Skin Clinic.

  • 1 x Synergie Skin Anti-Redness Kit (RRP $85)

  • 1 x Synergie Skin Dermiotic (RRP $69)

  • 1 x Synergie Skin Uber Zinc (RRP $115)

  • 1 x Plabeau G4+ (RRP $529)

Total Contour Package
$2000 (save $330)

  • Anti-wrinkle Injections (3 areas)

  • 1ml dermal filler for lips

  • 2ml dermal filler for cheeks

Intensive Pigment Package
$950 (save $250)

Designed for clients with melasma/hormonal pigmentation. Our Q switch laser is excellent from breaking down skin pigment and toning the skin. Combined with Dr Grant’s magic lightening cream this combination of laser, peel and home care is the best evidenced based approach to combating hormonal pigment, which is often managed poorly in non medical settings.

  • 4 sessions of Q switch laser, every 2- 4 weeks

  • 4 medical grade skin peels , increasing in potency each session every 2-4 weeks

  • medicated Hydroquinone cream, if suitable

  • Skin Brightening Kit (RRP $119)

Décolletage Winter Package * NEW * $2000 (save $389)

Designed to target pigment and redness from excessive sun damage to the chest area. This area of the body needs special care when using laser and heat treatments. Our medical grade laser with sapphire cooling tip is the safest option to manage this tricky area.

  • 3 x IPL sessions to decolletage (chest) , every 4 weeks

  • 3 x 2ml skin booster treatments, to hydrate and fill fine lines, every 4 weeks.

  • Synergie Skin Elastense cream, for lifting and firming the neck and décolletage.

Natural Radiance Package
$900 (save $230)

  • 1ml dermal filler for lips

  • Anti-wrinkle Injections (3 areas)

Resurfacing Facial Package
$1400 (save $380)

Designed to combat fine lines, dull sun damaged skin and reduce pore size, this package is the Ultimate Winter rejuvenation.

  • 3 x sessions of IPL sessions, every 4 weeks**

  • 3 x Resurfx (fractionated skin resurfacing), every 4 weeks**

  • 3 x individual topical anaesthetic sachets

  • Synergie Skin A- Z skin kit and Synergie Skin Post treatment kit.

Terms & conditions for packages

  1. A $50 deposit may be required at the time of booking and subject to our cancellation policy.

  2. Bookings must be made in advance, we can't always accept walk-in customers but we will try!

  3. All treatments are subject to our health assessment. Some treatments are unsuitable for some people.

  4. To comply with AHPRA marketing regulations, product names and brand names and specific chemicals cannot be named in advertising. We are permitted to discuss this with you during your appointment.

  5. Clients require a unique amount of product to treat a selected area or to achieve the desired result. No refunds or reduction in price will be allowed if a client purchases a package but does not, or cannot safely use, all of the product in the package in one appointment. We are quite creative however and we don’t usually disappoint!

  6. Specials and packages are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, and are valid from 12 months of purchase.