Natural Radiance Package

  • Anti-wrinkle Injections (3 areas)

  • 1ml dermal filler for lips

    $900 save $230

 Total Contour Package

  • Anti-wrinkle Injections (3 areas)

  • 1ml dermal filler for lips

  • 2ml dermal filler for cheeks

    $2000 save $330

Hormonal Pigmentation Package

Hormonal pigmentation, or melasma, is caused by genetic, hormonal and environmental factors and can be very difficult to treat. Conventional laser and heat treatments or intensive peels may worsen this condition. We have developed a holistic approach that targets the deep dermal pigmentation in the skin, encouraging it to lift over time, combined with scripted hydroquinone cream to lighten the skin. Dr Grant will also discuss contraceptives options if required, as some forms contraceptive worsen this condition. This package will last 6-8 weeks.

  • doctor consultation

  • script for hyperpigmentation cream

  • 6 weekly Q switched laser facials

  • a series of fortnightly medical grade peels

  • $650 save $489

Adult Acne Package

Adult acne is a medical condition that is best managed in the medical settling. Acne can cause serious skin issues such as cysts and scarring. It can also effect self esteem and confidence. At Thrive Skin Clinic we take a holistic approach to acne including dietary advice, contraceptive options, laser procedures and peels to reduce bacteria and treat scarring and effective prescribed home care. As clinicians, we take a lot of pride to improve acne as we know when your skin is clearing, it can improve your whole life. Our packages comprise of 4 sessions and are designed to be done fortnightly to settle active acne and clear congested skin.

  • anti- inflammatory cleanse,

  • purifying Salicylic peel followed by a

  • Blue Light IPL treatment to reduce bacteria causing acne.

  • doctor consultation if required

  • $400 save 240