Q Switch & Laser Facials

The Q Switch laser is a unique laser specifically indicated for toning the skin, reducing pigment and stimulating collagen regeneration. It is the treatment of choice for melasma and pigment disorders. The Q Switch is also a useful laser as a regular treatment to stimulate collagen and promote youthful skin.

We have a number of Q Switch laser treatments on offer, each tailored to different skin types. For a regular treatment to combat pigment, we advise a Q Switch laser +/- peel every 2-4 weeks.

The Carbon Laser Facial and the Deep Charcoal Cleanse offer a deeper exfoliation experience and can be done as stand alone treatments.

Enzyme Laser Facial *NEW*

This is a mild laser treatment with the added benefits of a hydrating enzyme peel.

The Q switch laser penetrates deep into the skin to target sun damaged, pigmented skin and stimulate collagen for skin toning.

The enzyme peel hydrates creating a brighter and more even texture using papaya enzyme and lactic Acid.

This targeted treatment can improve hydration, calm inflammation, reduce pigmentation, stimulate collagen, reverse sun damage and promote a youthful radiant glow.

Carbon Laser Facial

The Carbon Laser Facial or ‘Hollywood Facial’ is a Q switched NdYag laser procedure that is used in conjunction with a natural carbon cream. Carbon acts as a photo-sensitiser and assists to remove impurities from the skin as well as heat the deeper layers of the epidermis, stimulating collagen remodelling.

The Carbon Laser Facial produces a smooth, glowing complexion, with minimal, often no, downtime. This laser facial treatment improves enlarged pores, blackheads, skin tone and texture.

The Carbon Laser Peel can be done before a big event to help promote radiant skin or regularly every 1-2 weeks to improve active acne, melasma, pigmentation and reduce pore size.

Evidence shows that the Q switched laser treatment done with Charcoal preparation exfoliates the skin similar to 4 superficial peels, so it is a wonderful treatment to get your skin glowing before a party or important event. Be warned that the treatment is very loud - We will offer you ear plugs!

Deep Charcoal Cleanse

This is Thrive Skin Clinic’s signature facial. It includes a Chemical Peel, Vacuum Pore extraction and a Charcoal Laser Facial all in one treatment.

This laser facial is designed for congested, dull skin and will effectively exfoliate the superficial layers or your skin, reduce oiliness and extract blackheads, whiteheads and milia.

Done over several sessions, it is also an effective treatment to reduce pigmentation, improve sun damage and hydrate skin.


Procedure Time
30 minutes

Recommended Plan
3x Deep Charcoal Cleanse treatments done every 2-4 weeks, then every 4-6 weeks as maintenance.

Dull skin
Charcoal Laser Facial done every 2-4 weeks, then every 4-6 weeks as maintenance.

Pigment disorders
Q Switch laser +/- peel done every 2-4 weeks for at least 6-10 sessions. We will refer you to Dr Grant to discuss a topical treatment to assist with pigment if required. Note that eep pigment is very difficult to manage and requires patience.

Downtime / Aftercare
Mild-moderate redness or swelling lasting for up to one hour in some individuals. Take an antihistamine 30 minutes prior to your appointment if you have sensitive skin.


Q Switch Laser: $150

Charcoal Laser: $170

Q Switch Laser & Facial Peel: $220

Deep Charcoal Cleanse: $220

Special Considerations

  • No preparation required.

  • A daily home treatment with active ingredients and sun cream is encouraged to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

  • Not suitable if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Video: Deep Charcoal Cleanse