Hair Loss Treatments

Both men and women may experience hair thinning, recession and loss of hair follicles over time. For many people, hair loss (alopecia) causes associated psychological distress, loss of self esteem and poor body image

If these issues concern you, it is important to see a doctor for assessment as in many cases there are safe and effective medications available.

Men The most common reason for male hair thinning and loss is androgenic alopecia, also called Male Pattern Baldness. Some men experience symptoms starting in their late teens and early twenties. There is a strong genetic determinant to androgenic alopecia, making suffers very sensitive to dihydrotestosterone, a male hormone in the scalp. The good news is that current treatments are effective in 9/10 men. Long term use can prevent further hair loss, increase hair thickness and even help new hair to grow.

Women Women also suffer from hair thinning and recession. Sometimes alopecia is transient, a condition called telogen effluvium. Common triggers for telogen effluvium include pregnancy, labour, surgery and hormonal contraception. Other conditions that cause hair thinning in women are related to hormonal imbalances such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or autoimmune conditions. Sometimes medications and other treatments can help. Unusual presentations of alopecia may require referral to a dermatologist, which can be arranged after your assessment. 

At Thrive Skin Clinic we take a standard dermatological approach to managing androgenic alopecia including topical solutions, oral DHT (hormone) blocking medications, shampoos and on occasion Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, a treatment where we source your won growth factors from your blood and inject them back into the scalp. (Not kidding! There is evidence for this!)

The best candidates for PRP hair restoration are those with early hair loss and those who have androgenic alopecia, hair thinning due to genetic factors. In hair restoration, we inject PRP into the scalp about every half inch in the affected area


Consultation time
Initial appointment is 20 minutes which will involve assessment and photos. Dr Grant will formulate a suitable treatment plan and you can choose to have your medications sent out to you from a chemist or source a local compounding pharmacy. Followup consultations are usually brief and can be done in person or via skype. There is no medicare rebate for a Skye consultations.

If you choose to have PRP treatments as part of your management plan this will be done at a separate consultation.

Recommended Plan
Medical Therapy: clients are reviewed every 6 months. 90% of clients respond to medical therapy after 1 year.

PRP Protocol: If you decide to have PRP, we perform a PRP treatment monthly for 3 months, some clients require further sessions. The maximum we do is 6 treatments. We review your progress every 2 months. About 70-80% of people respond to treatment. If you are a responder we will continue your treatments every 1/2 months.

PRP is not a quick fix. Best results are seen 2 months after final treatment (i.e. about 6 months after initial treatment). and can be expected to last 12 months or longer. If it is effective, if is safe to continune long term.


We offer a competitive price delivered by reputable medical professionals and high quality TGA approved products.

Consultations are as per standard AMA rates and do attract a medicare rebate.

  • Initial: 20 mins $148 with $72.80 rebate from medicare

  • Followup: $81 with $37.60 rebate from medicare

  • Skype consult: (followup only): $35 e.g. script renewal

Cost of PRP sessions:

  • Small treatment area

    • 1 vial of PRP $500 (small area)

    • Package of 3 (small area) $1350

  • Large treatment area

    • 2 vials of PRP $900 (large area)

    • Package of 3 (large area) $2430