You can’t have IPL, Laser, Peels or cosmetic injectable treatments if you are pregnant or breast feeding. However, we do have treatments specifically formulated for our mummies to be! Please call or book a consultation if you are pregnant or breast feeding and have skin concerns.

Sun exposure before IPL, laser & peels

Avoid tanning products and sun exposure for at least 2 weeks before and after skin peels, IPL, vampire facials and all laser treatments. Be vigilant!


Cosmetic treatments are elective and they can have downtime. Please be sensible and allow sufficient time to recover before you have an important event. Ask us for advice if you have a particular social event planned so we can have you looking your best.

Before a laser treatment we may apply a topical numbing cream, which will take 30 minutes to become effective. You will need to factor this in to your appointment.


Anti-wrinkle injections don’t have any significant downtime but please don’t exercise, lie down or rub the treatment area for four hours. You may use a clean mineral makeup after your treatment, we stock a mineral anti-bruise camouflage if you develop bruising and are concerned.

Dermal filler injections will generally cause bruising and swelling. This will settle in 1-2 weeks. Avoid touching the area and wearing makeup for 24 hours. Application of ice and paracetamol will reduce any swelling or pain.

PRP treatments may cause extensive bruising and swelling, especially around the eyes. Swelling and redness will settle in 1-3 days. Bruising may take a 1-2 weeks to fade. Avoid touching the area and wearing makeup for 24 hours. Do not use ice as it will reduce the clinical outcome. Pain killers such as paracetamol can be used for discomfort. 


If you have been the on acne treatment drug isotretinoin (Roaccutante) you need to wait for at least six months before a treatment. If you use topical Vitamin A, you may need to stop this five days before a topical treatment. Please make sure you advise us of this before you book a treatment. Avoid all medications/supplements that cause bruising and swelling seven days before and after your treatments, in particular the PRP vampire facials. This includes common painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets, fish oil, St John’s Wort or Vitamin E. 

Refund Policy

All sales are final. Should you wish to discontinue your treatment in the midst of a package, credit for the pro rata share of unused treatments at the discounted package price may be extended. The treatments that have already been provided will be charged at current single treatment price to calculate your credit. Any left over credit can be used to purchase other treatments (not products) offered by Thrive Skin Clinic.