Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections have revolutionised the treatment of the double chin, providing excellent outcomes akin to liposuction without the anaesthetic or scars.

Fat Dissolving treatments are an individually tailored, injectable treatment that permanently destroys the fat cells under the chin.

The medication works to selectively breakdown adipose tissue, and the results are so good they have similar long term outcomes to liposuction. Even better, when done in the correct plane, the treatment can tighten the skin as it heals, improving skin tone and laxity.

Unfortunately, you can’t just inject it all over your body! Fat dissolving injections are only used for for discrete, small areas of fat such as the double chin, bra strap or inner thigh. More severe areas of fullness get better results and as a general guide, you should expect a 2 session treatment to reduce fullness down a grade (See scoring system)

Patient selection and a discussion about downtime are absolutely essential for this treatment - we will not perform this procedure if we don’t think it will be effective.


Please make a pre consultation appointment with our registered nurse or Dr Grant to discuss and get clearance for this non-invasive procedure.

Procedure Time
Initial appointment up to 40 minutes and must be done with Dr Grant, who will review your suitability for the procedure and examine the area to make sure you have no medical issues that require assessment prior to treatments.

Recommended Plan
Double chin: 2 initial treatments 6 weeks apart with review 2 months after the last treatment to assess results.

Allow 4 months for the treatment to take the full effect.

Downtime / aftercare
There is significant downtime such as discomfort, redness, swelling, bruising and nodules. This will settle in time but may take a few weeks.


Double Chin: $2400 for 2 initial sessions, 6 weeks apart.

Due to Australian Medical Board guidelines we are unable to advertise the brand of fat dissolving injection we use. We can discuss this if you contact us.

Special Considerations

  • Not suitable in pregnancy or for breast feeding women.

  • Works well in combination with skin peels and Resurfx laser done pre- treatment to improve skin integrity.

  • Works well with dermal fillers along the chin and jawline to give a defined profile.

  • Best done in winter, when you can wear a scarf or high necked clothing to facilitate discrete healing and downtime.

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