Get glowing skin in 2019.

The New Year is here and it’s easy to forget our skin needs some extra prep to look its best during the summer months.

Here are Thrive’s Top Tips for glowing summer skin in 2019.


Let’s be honest – we’re probably going to start most blog posts preaching about the benefits of proper hydration. Water is your skin’s best friend and we want you to aim for 1.5 and 2 litres of water every day.

Small changes you can make now to increase your water intake could include starting your day with hot water and a slice of lemon, or ditching that second daily coffee for a refreshing glass of mineral water and ice instead.

Smoothies and fruit also contain a large percentage of water and contain antioxidants that are great for your skin!



We’ve talked in more detail about the outer layer of our skin in a previous post. But the most important thing to remember is that exfoliation is ESSENTIAL to reveal the new, vibrant skin that lies hidden underneath your skin’s surface.

For fast results, we recommend a professional exfoliating treatment for best results. At Thrive Skin Clinic the best exfoliating treatments we have on offer include the Hydrafacial and the Deep Charcoal Cleanse.

Our regular clients are raving about the Hydrafacial, and they’re not the only ones! Parent’s Guide Illawarra recently gave a glowing review of the exfoliation treatment.

The Hydrafacial is a three step facial treatment, completed in less than 30 minutes, providing effective exfoliation and deep hydration to improve skin tone, texture and overall skin health. It combines a gentle peel, a mechanical extraction of congested pore and ends of an application of a hydrating serum. Everyone’s skin can benefits from a Hydrafacial and you can see results immediately. Book online, call or email us to book your Hydrafacial in the New Year.

The Deep Charcoal Cleanse is a slightly more exfoliating treatment with a hint of Hollywood. It’s our signature facial at Thrive and a great treatment for something special. It combines a carbon laser facial with a medical grade peel and extraction.

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You can hydrate, exfoliate and try all the skin treatments on offer but you’ll be undoing all your hard work if you forgo sunscreen. Sun causes skin ageing which manifests as wrinkles, pigmentation, a rosacea and large pores. ..not to mention skin cancer. It’s vital to protect your skin every day with sun protection, even if you are at home, in the car or at work. UVA rays penetrate glass so prevent skin ageing by covering up and using sunscreen.

Our best selling product is Uberzinc, a sun blocking mositurser based on zinc and titanium dioxide. It’s also great for red, dry and acne prone skin as the zinc provides a soothing and anti- inflammatory effect that won’t cause congestion. Pop in, email or book a complimnetary skin consultation with one of our experienced dermal therapists to pick up some Uberzinc.



There have been a few studies on evidence based skin care to prevent skin aging and  promote beautiful skin. These studies support daily home care with Vitamin A, B and C, an AHA/BHA exfoliant and suncream.

We encourage our new clients to take an 8 week skin challenge with our Synergie Skin Packs. They are a travel sized pack that allow you to try the products and see the results for yourself. They also make a great gift.


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While we love and promote skin health, let’s be honest….anti- wrinkle injections work and they make you look amazing!

A few sprinkles around the frownline, forehead and crows feet will refresh the face in a natural way and get rid of that Grinchy frown.

Anti-wrinkle injections take up to 2 weeks to kick in fully.

Learn more about this treatment on our website.